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    David R. Sear


    Category: Ancient

    Dedicated to ancient numismatics - Greek, Roman and Byzantine. Browse through books on ancient coins, read about the Ancient Coin Certification Service, and read ancient numismatic and historic articles at the Academy.

    California State University, Chico


    Category: Academic Departments

    Department of Religious Studies. The academic study of religion at CSU, Chico, focuses on a) historical studies of Eastern and Western religious traditions; b)textual studies of the sacred writings in religious traditions; c) methodological studies which seek to understand and interpret religious traditions and cultural symbols; and d)cognate studies which relate religion to aspects of culture such as literature and the arts, ethics and law, psychology, sociology, and philosophy.



    Category: Reincarnation

    A comprehensive examination of the origins and prevalence of reincarnation as a concept in world religious traditions. Includes both Eastern and Western traditions as well as ancient and modern views.

    Ancient Maps And Corn Help Track The Migrations Of Indigenous People


    Category: North America

    From Science Daily, the work of Roberto Rodreguez and Patrisia Gonzales, who study ancient maps, oral traditions and the movement of domesticated crops to learn more about the origins of native people in the Americas.

    Modern Interpretation of Ancient Logics


    Category: Ancient and Modern Logic

    Scientific articles on formal aspects of Ancient Western and Indian Logic. Papers on modern interpretation of Aristotle's, Leibniz' and ancient Indian logic.

    Korais: Editor and E-mail for Ancient Languages


    Category: Languages of Eurasia

    Editor and E-mail Application for Ancient Languages (Ancient Greek, Coptic, Aramaic, Hieroglyphic Egyptian, Luwian and others). OpenSource Project. To run the application, the Java Virtual Machine (VM), version 1.4.0 or later, must be installed.