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    Beckett Media


    Category: Trading Cards

    Offering trading cards and novelties. Includes a message board and pricing guides.

    A Curious Bestiary


    Category: Art

    Showcase of the art by Kaitlin Beckett of Melbourne, Australia.

    From Beckett to Stoppard: Existentialism, Death, and Absurdity


    Category: Existentialism

    Analysis of the dialogue within the playwrights work.

    Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award


    Category: Experimental

    To help the development of emerging practitioners in the field of experimental theatre and to encourage a new generation of creative artists.

    The Miles Aircraft Story


    Category: History

    Stories from Berkshire's aviation heritage told in a series of paintings and commentary by aviation artist and historian Geoff Beckett.

    Media Alliance


    Category: Media Industry

    Resource center for media workers, political activists and community organizations. Promotes diverse, accountable and ethical media. Includes Media File online magazine of analysis and commentary.