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    The Pagan's Path: Metaphysics 101


    Category: Auras

    Offers details about its aura interpretations, colors and clarity, location, shape, consistency and spikes. Includes the reading, preparations, and clearing the aura.

    Golden Aura Publishing


    Category: Books and Videos

    Offers books, videos, and clinics on basketball, as well as articles on fundamentals.

    Golden Gate University


    Category: Golden Gate University

    Home page of Golden Gate University, offering higher education in key professional fields from San Francisco and our 30 additional sites. Online courses are also available from Golden Gate University.

    Golden Aeon


    Category: Golden Dawn

    Essays about the history, magic, and structure of the Golden Dawn that were utilized in the research for 'Golden Aeon', a Victorian occult drama.

    The Publishing Institute at the University of Denver


    Category: Education and Training

    Full-time, four-week course that may be taken graduate credit. Covers many aspects of book publishing with a special career session on magazine publishing.

    Citation Software


    Category: Software Development

    Provider of services and products related to electronic publishing technology, particularly on-demand-publishing technology and variable-data-publishing technology.