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    Gribnif Software


    Category: ST

    Product catalogue, demo versions to download, pricing, and FAQs.

    TASI Technical Software


    Category: Software

    currently has software tools for the analysis of small signal piezoelectric properties, and large signal characterisation of piezoeoelectric, electrostrictive, ferroelectric, and antiferroelectric materials. Each software package is modular where extended features are supported through plug-in software modules. Each package also includes an optional data acquisition module allowing the collection of raw data directly from instrumentation.

    Business Software Alliance


    Category: Associations

    Trade organization working with international governments to advance the goals of the software industry and their hardware partners. The organization educates computer users on software copyrights, advocates public policy, trade opportunities, and fights software piracy.

    Find Accounting Software


    Category: Directories

    Search for accounting software software by industry, operating system or application. Or browse alphabetical listings based on software developer or product name.

    TAL Technologies


    Category: Communications

    Software company specializing in serial data acquisition, instrument control, communications and bar code software products. Products include Serial I/O driver, Serial communications software and TCP/IP communications software.

    Software History Center


    Category: History

    History of the software industry and the stories of its entrepreneurs and software developers. Includes lengthy software industry who's-who.