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    Bentz, Thompson and Rietow


    Category: Minnesota

    Minneapolis firm specializing in academic, commercial, religious, residential, and recreational architecture, as well as pedestrian bridges. Presents portfolio, including unbuilt projects.

    Controlled Access, Inc.


    Category: Pedestrian Control Devices

    Offers a wide range of high security, waist high turnstiles, and ADA accessible gates for pedestrian control needs.

    Polara Engineering


    Category: Home-Workplace Adaptations

    Manufactures products for disabled pedestrians, such as accessible signals and pedestrian push buttons.

    HiRAIL Corporation - Rubber Grade Crossing Systems


    Category: Infrastructure

    Manufacture full depth, 100% rubber grade crossing systems including rubber rail seals for asphalt crossings, and full depth rubber pedestrian crossings.

    Polara Engineering


    Category: Traffic Control

    Manufacturer of accessible pedestrian signals that aid the elderly and disabled to cross busy city intersections. Information on models and ordering.



    Category: Urban Living

    An artistic work about urban life.