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    Resource Center for Freedom of Mind


    Category: Brainwashing

    Helping victims of mind control. Resources that explain mind control and destructive cults from Steven Hassan, author of "Combatting Cult Mind Control".

    Perspective of Mind: Douglas Hofstadter


    Category: Hofstadter, Douglas R.

    Essay discussing Hofstadter's views on intelligence and the mind.

    Mind Rover UV


    Category: MindRover

    A place to share and discuss Mind Rover vehicles.

    Yahoo! Groups: Well-Trained Mind Colorado


    Category: Chats and Forums

    An email list for homeschoolers using Susan Wise-Bauer's book, The Well-Trained Mind.

    Unitary Perception


    Category: Transpersonal

    Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez describes an aspect of mind that he calls 'unitary perception' and freely offers the ebook "The Great Leap of Mind."

    Healing Words for Mind, Body and Spirit


    Category: Holistic

    Caren Goldman's books, and articles, on holistic mind, body and spiritual healing processes.