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    NCSL - Defining Marriage: Defense of Marriage Acts and Same-Sex Marriage Laws


    Category: Legislation

    Provides history, overview, key provisions, and resources. From the National Conference of State Legislators.

    Wikipedia - Federal Marriage Amendment


    Category: Constitutional Amendment

    Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would have limited marriage to one man and one woman, and prevented judicial extension of marriage rights to same-sex or other unmarried heterosexual couples. Last voted on in 2006.

    The Marriage Builders Newsletter


    Category: E-zines

    Monthly publication for couples looking for insightful ways to improve their marriage.

    Marriage Builders


    Category: Christian

    Contains answers to questions about relationships, infidelity, marriage counseling, and love.

    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


    Category: Relationships

    Professionally developed resources for practitioners and consumers of marriage and family therapy. Site also offers a search engine for finding a qualified therapist in your area.

    Marriage Survival After Losing a Baby


    Category: Loss

    An article about how to survive the loss of a child and keep your marriage together and hopefully strengthen it.