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    Encryption Wizard for Oracle


    Category: Cryptography

    Offering data encryption software for the Oracle RDMBS. The Encryption Wizard can perform DES3 Encryption and obfuscation on a complete schema.

    Graffë's Wizard Compilation


    Category: Wizard

    Forum-based discussion, guides and links for the EverQuest Wizard.

    Wizard Industries


    Category: Monitoring

    Offers software that removes files saved by websites, a password recovery program, and a key logger.

    Children's Literature - Island 5


    Category: Illustrations for Children

    Late Victorian Illustrators, Peter Rabbit, and The Wizard of Oz.

    Wizard Wallpaperz


    Category: Desktop Customization

    Collection of wallpaper base images for several film titles.

    California Independent Bankers


    Category: California

    History and role, comments about lobbying of bankers' issues, and 'wizard' customer calculators for loans, mortgages, retirement, and savings.