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    Living Lent


    Category: Lent

    Site by a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America commenting about the origins of Lent and encouraging people to give us something for Lent or to do something extra for it.



    Category: Animated

    Free unique dazzlers that can be personally customized to make buttons and backgrounds. Try something completely different.



    Category: SETL

    SET Language 2, close relative of SETL, has some clumsy support for closures, an experimental (broken) object system, and redefines integer division to mean something different than in SETL: 3/2 yields 1.5 in SETL, but only 1 in SETL2.

    Gamer's Hell


    Category: Reviews and Previews

    Review by Andreas Misund Berntsen with overall score [8.4/10]. "If you already own Ninja Gaiden and want something different then The Suffering might be just the thing for you."

    GameSpy GBA


    Category: Electroplankton

    Preview, by Bryn Williams: "It's really hard to say if ElectroPlankton will ever make it over to the Western world, but if it does, and you're looking for something very different for the DS, I highly recommend tracking down ElectroPlankton and going nuts."

    WebRing: Anti-Republican


    Category: Web Rings

    Politically liberal sites that agree the Republican party has become something quite different from what Abraham Lincoln had in mind for it.