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Search engine optimization is the process of "optimizing" or making changes to a website’s architecture (the actually coding), specifically for the reason of improving how the website will perform in search engines. Often times when a website is designed, the web designer hired did not build it with fundamental SEO aspects in mind which are typically required for a site to perform well in search engines. A very basic example of these would be metatags and sitemaps. This is why when you are having a website built, it is a good practice to seek out a web designer who is already well versed in SEO practices as the site can be built in a beneficial way from the beginning. However, they say hindsight is always 20/20, and you can’t go back in time.

Using Our SEO Tool

Searchen Networks provides an online SEO tool that will analyze your website and let you know how to improve your websites SEO, however, you will need to have access to the website backend and be able to make changes. If you are not able to make changes, you’ll need to allow your webmaster to utilize the SEO tool and then act on its reporting. The tool will provide step-by-step instructions on where key changes in your sites architecture are needed to optimize your website for improved comprehension by search engines for the benefit of better performance in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The tool will also perform keyword research and make suggestions for added keywords (or removed if over done) and key phrases as well as track your sites rankings and ranking changes in search engines over time so you can measure improvements. Additionally, the tool will build a sitemap for you so that it could be submitted to Google and Bing’s webmaster accounts. This is an invaluable tool, costs just $7/month and is a worthwhile addition to any SEO program for the rankings checker alone, not to mention the optimization opportunities and improvements. If your site is basic, or small, this is likely all you need to succeed.

Hiring an SEO Expert

If your business wants to maximize its search engine opportunities or requires more, it might be worthwhile to explore hiring an SEO expert, especially if your site is large, complicated or the tool just won’t go far enough for your specific website or project needs. It also could be a very good idea to hire an expert if your industry is unusually saturated or your businesses niche is heavily competitive. While the tool will help put SEO fundamentals in place for a properly architecturally built website, it’s not the be-all-end-all solution for your online store to compete with, say, online goliath Going up against that kind of competition will require pulling out the bigger guns, and a professional search engine optimizer can help you with highly advanced SEO techniques and potentially, help you with other forms of search engine visibility such as sponsored search ads.

Ongoing SEO Services

Search engines are constantly changing, and today, more than ever before. The importance of fresh, acurate, updated information has never been more important in search. Search engines strive not only to provide the best information, but the most up-to-date and reliable data. Websites also change, grow and require SEO updates, so when preparing to attack a thorough and aggressive SEO compaign, you should prepare for a strategy which includes ongoing optimization processes after gathering data by continually monitoring rankings changes against search engine flux and site updates. The data received from site visits and rankings shifts should continually be used to modify your pages for improved performance. Monitoring rankings reports and current placements in search engines can help a webmaster or site optimizer ascertain which pages are performing well and being found verses which ones aren’t and make adjustments to improve performance.

Outside of Architecture


Additionally, to compliment a solid SEO strategy, it will be important for you or someone within your organization to keep top of mind, that architecture isn’t all there is to a good search engine optimization strategy. It will also be important to focus energy on ensuring your website has web links pointing to it. Web links not only help search engines find your website, but they also help search engines measure your sites importance. In the simplest example, the more often established and well referenced and/or authoritative sites (think BBB, Chamber of Commerce, newspaper, etc.), place a web link to your site, the more important your website will be perceived by search engines (links act like a vote for quality). So it is a good practice that any organizations which you are a member of, if they list your business, on their website, you should ask that they provide a web link to your site. This also includes any press mentions, social media sites, business directory listings, or any other opportunities you have for a web site to provide a link to yours. It is important that web linking is not abused and is used appropriately according to search engine guidelines; however, links have in the past, and still do, play a major role in how important a website appears to search engines. If ongoing SEO services are being provided by an outside agency or professional, this should certainly be a part of that strategy.

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