Add Your Site to Sponsored Search and the Directory


Quality Links

  1. Increased value by helping build valuable links to your site (multiple links per listing).
  2. Google approved nofollow links.
  3. Appear on related search result pages (Right) and within related directory categories.
  4. Listings appear as static ads on indexed pages shown close to content people search for.


Targeted Intent

  1. Targets low-competition long-tail keywords that have high user intent and better conversion.
  2. Searches are more likely to lead to sales.
  3. Opportunity for long-tail keyword strategy.
  4. List with a trusted, accredited business with over 13 years history. (Better Business Bureau)


One Low Fee

  1. Pay to list your site, not per click. (Just $89!!)
  2. Extremely affordable when compared to pay-per-click campaigns.
  3. Use any major credit card or e-check; purchases are processed securely with Paypal®.
  4. * Listing review fees are to ensure acceptability into our directory for which listings are permanent, according to our sites terms.

  • helpWhat are sponsored ads on this site?

    Sponsored ads on this website are short descriptions which contain a link-able title and website address. They are displayed with a green "Ad" icon when they appear in search engine results and without the icon in the directory.

  • helpWhen will my sponsored ads show?

    Your ad will show next to our search results when users type a keyword that matches words related to your site and category, or matches any word in your title, description or URL. Ads are ranked on relevance and there are only a few ads for each search. Your ad will also always show in your category within the directory section of our website and are ranked by date added.

  • helpHow much do sponsored ads cost?

    Sponsored ads on this website cost just $89.00 (one time fee) no matter how many times they are clicked in sponsored search or within the directory. Please note: Search engine guidelines require machine-readable disclosure (nofollow tags) on paid links in the same way that consumers online and offline appreciate disclosure of paid relationships (for example, a full-page newspaper ad may be headed by the word Advertisement). More information on Google's stance on paid links.

  • helpHow long does it take for my listing to appear?

    Submitting a listing takes about a minute once you have identified the category which best fits your business. Reviews of new additions generally happen within just a few hours of your listing request with few exceptions; listing reviews will never take more than one business day.

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Create listing

The directory portion of our service is hierarchically arranged by subject from very broad to specific. Submit your site to the single, most relevant, category you find. Be sure to include a custom description for your listing as these work best for our site and other search engines.


Review process

An editor will review your site to determine whether to include it in the category you have choosen. We may move, reject, delete, or edit submissions in our sole discretion. In the event your site cannot be listed within the directory, you will receive an immediate refund of its review fee.


Go Live!

Your listing will always appear within the directory category you have choosen. Additionally, when words people type in our search engine match keywords for listings in the directory, those sites appear as sponsored listings within search engine results (huge additional value).