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It would be difficult to imagine that anyone, at least in the U.S., that had access to the Internet through either their cable provider or telephone company doesn’t have an email address as nearly all ISPs (Internet service providers) allow the creation of email addresses for customers who subscribe to Internet services. Usually several email addresses can be created through these accounts, and if that were not enough, there are many free email service providers available such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, as well as many others. However, utilizing an email address which appears personal or free doesn’t look that good when used in a business capacity. In fact, some services will not even allow you to signup or register unless you use a business email address or one which corresponds with your website or business name. They do this because professional email addresses are abused less often and provide more accountability. Generally, in business, using a free or private email address is considered inferior, unusual, and/or unprofessional.

Searchen Networks offers different levels of email accounts based mostly on storage needs and the amount of users required. All of our accounts are inexpensive varying from just $18 - $48 for an entire year. The type of account you can order will depend one the size required (from 1 GIG to unlimited) as well as number different email handles required. These email addresses work with your domain name and will allow creating professional looking email addresses such as "" or "".

Your email address can say a lot about you and it is recommended that when used for business, you should always use a professional email address which contains your website address. For instance, if you were to write in to Searchen Networks and you were looking for a response, you might not expect to see something such as "" or "". How would you really know who is on the other end of that email message? A response from someone with an email address matching the domain name is a lot more professional. You might feel better to get a response from becuase when in doubt simply visiting you can quickly see that it belongs to Searchen Networks, so whoever Pamela Smith is, she is certainly associated with Searchen Networks, in order to be assigned and using that email address.

Using a personal email address such as a Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL address is not secure, professional or at all reasonable in this day and age. To provide recipients the security and peace of mind, you should always be using your professional branded email address which corresponds with the business you are associated with. So if your business is operating on "", all of your businesses employees who will be using email should be using email addresses which end in "" such as "". This way, whoever is receiving emails from those email addresses can trust that they are dealing with someone who has access to the corporate email address or that is related to the business website.

Searchen Networks email accounts allow you to login to our web based panel Webmail where you can send, receive and review all of your email from wherever in the world you are at any given moment. You can also manage your email from any device configured to access your account including smartphones, tablets, and of course desktop clients. Additionally, you can also configure your email to work with other popular email clients such as Gmail, Google Apps for Business, and many other email clients by utilizing Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) services - fully controlling your email and using whatever email client you enjoy most.

So get started with one of our inexpensive, secure and reliable email packages today. If you’re unsure of which package is best for your email needs feel free to give us a call and we’ll make a recommendation based on a few quick questions.

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