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    Wick Hill Group


    Category: Products and Tools

    Value added distributor specialising in secure infrastructure solutions for ebusiness. Portfolio includes a range of security products from firewalls to SSL VPN, as well as web access and web management products.

    American Wick Drain Corporation


    Category: Drainage and Containment

    Supply prefabricated plastic soil drain systems . Includes downloadable cad drawings and suggested construction specifications.

    Wick Buildings


    Category: Manufactured

    Produces modular, sectional and single section homes sold under such names as Artcraft, Rollohome and Marshfield Homes are available through dealerships in the upper Midwest. Includes process guide, virtual tours, and builder locator.

    Review by Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin


    Category: PlayStation 2

    "The biggest flaw of Silent Hill 2 is that it's on a par with Silent Hill -- better in some ways, weaker in others. SH set its standard by being a great leap beyond other horror games of its era; SH2 repeats the standard, but doesn't repeat the great leap. Ah well. "On a par with Silent Hill" is still a fine reason to play a game."

    Woolman Hill Quaker Center for Conferences and Retreats


    Category: Retreat Centers

    Woolman Hill offers conferences and retreats grounded in the Quaker beliefs of that of God in all of us, integrity, simplicity, and peace. People of all faiths are welcomed. Woolman Hill also makes its beautiful rural facility available to groups for their own conferences.

    Capitol Hill Restoration Society


    Category: Capitol Hill

    Nonprofit preservation group that works to maintain the historical integrity and appeal of Capitol Hill.