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    Reddit: Programming


    Category: Programming

    For discussion and news about computer programming. Stories with user comments.

    World Horror Convention 2008 - Salt Lake City Utah


    Category: Utah

    World Horror Convention 2008 Salt Lake City Utah. Guests of Honor: Dennis Etchison, author; John Jude Palencar, artist: Simon R. Green, author of the "Nightside" and "Deathstalker" series; Dr. Michael R. Collings, scholar. Special Guests: Jeff Strand, Biting Dog Press. A professional gathering of writers, artists, editors and publishers of horror fiction. 2008 Stoker Awards and Banquet. Art show. Dealers' Room. Mass Autograph Signing. Artists' Reception. Panels, workshops, pitch sessions, film festival. Presentations on "The Developmental Stages of the Serial Killer," and Anasazi Culture and Traditions. (Art Show and Dealers' Room open to the public.) Membership information, hotel information.

    reddit: Rust


    Category: Rust

    Community news, links, questions and answers.

    Blade and Soul - Reddit


    Category: Blade and Soul

    A community forum to discuss all aspects of the game including news, game guide, gags, and so on.

    Reddit: SimCity


    Category: SimCity

    A community driven site focusing on gameplay, guides, tips, and opinions.



    Category: Collaborative

    User-generated news links. Votes promote stories to the front page.