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    Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley


    Category: Silicon Valley

    Graduate degrees and research for Silicon Valley professionals and executives.

    American Leadership Forum - Silicon Valley


    Category: Humanitarian

    A nonprofit organization that brings senior level leaders together to build philanthropy, public service and community in the Silicon Valley.

    Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition


    Category: Cycling

    A bicycle advocacy group improving the bicycling environment in Silicon Valley. Provides a forum for bicyclists to organize and discuss their concerns. Also works with local governments on bicycle projects.

    Silicon Valley Watcher


    Category: News and Media

    Newsblog covering the business of Silicon Valley.

    Pagan Graphics WebRing


    Category: Web Rings

    The home of Pagans who do graphics and Pagan friendly graphics and art. Here you will find: Pagan artists and designers, graphics, and art.

    SGI TechPubs Library


    Category: SGI

    Official technical publication repository for SGI, formerly Silicon Graphics.