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    Multicultural Marketing Research


    Category: Research

    Research across cultures including Hispanic, Latino, Portuguese, and Asian cultures. Marketing and communication research for products and services across cultures in the US and internationally.

    HiRAIL Corporation - Rubber Grade Crossing Systems


    Category: Infrastructure

    Manufacture full depth, 100% rubber grade crossing systems including rubber rail seals for asphalt crossings, and full depth rubber pedestrian crossings.

    Crossing Cultures


    Category: Consulting

    Responds to the needs of the expatriate to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Crossing Cultures


    Category: Ethnicity

    Contains personal stories of cultural experiences, essays, poems, artwork and photos.

    Mysteries of the Ancient High Cultures


    Category: Ancient Contact

    Similarities in artifacts from ancient Old World and New World cultures.

    Continental Celtic List


    Category: Gaulish

    "[f]orum for the discussion of Continental Celtic languages and cultures ... Continental Celtic cultures include Lepontic, Gaulish, Celtiberian, and Galatian."