Identifying symptoms associated with mesothelioma.

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    Characterizing Reference Locality in the WWW


    Category: CPU Saturation Models

    Proposed models for reference locality in streams of requests arriving at web servers. [Postscript]

    Nondestructive Evaluation Laboratories


    Category: Research Facilities

    The laboratory conducts research and development related to instruments and nondestructive evaluation techniques for characterizing materials and determining system parameters for energy systems.

    SEC: Citigroup Helped Enron Commit Fraud


    Category: Citigroup

    Alleged that the firm mislead investors by characterizing loan proceeds as cash from operating activities.

    Against Nature


    Category: Opposing Views

    Transcripts of a three-part Channel 4 TV, UK program characterizing environmentalist ideology as unscientific, irrational, and anti-humanist.

    Characterizing Exposure of Veterans to Agent Orange and Other Herbicides Used in Vietnam


    Category: Health

    Complete text of the 1997 report by the Committee on the Assessment of Wartime Exposure to Herbicides in Vietnam, Institute of Medicine.

    Minnesota Opportunities for Reference Excellence


    Category: Reference Services

    The goal of Minnesota Opportunities for Reference Excellence continues to be improving the overall quality of reference service, which includes the reference interview, print and electronic sources, and Readers' Advisory.