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    D-Lib Working Groups, Metadata


    Category: Working Groups

    This group studies metadata used to describe and manage information in the digital library.

    Tools For Thought: Xanadu, Network Culture, and Beyond


    Category: Nelson, Ted

    By Howard Rheingold. Online copy of well known 1985 book on the invention of modern computing; this chapter on Ted Nelson, Computer Lib, hypertext, Xanadu. Newer (c)2000 edition of the book is out, with follow-up interviews.

    Extrasensory Software


    Category: Clipper

    Tools for Clipper programmers including Telepathy, Faxual II, Mr. Edit, PS Error, Faxual.lib and BroPlus.

    Coppermine Gallery


    Category: Image Galleries

    Powerful and flexible PHP/MySQL based gallery script. Requires GD Lib or ImageMagick. [Open Source, GPL]

    Advanced Photo Mosaic Maker


    Category: Mosaic Creation

    Make mosaic images that are comprised of tens of thousands of tiny cell images. It can set the count of cells, change the size of cells, adjust the RGB value, and build image gallery lib, with a very attractive interface and fast speed.

    Lib Web Cats


    Category: Directories

    Searchable database of over 5,000 library sites worldwide. Listings include mailing addresses and links to online catalogs.