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    DOS EXE Format


    Category: Executable

    Information about the DOS EXE Format (also known as the MZ format).

    SVF specification


    Category: SVF

    The Simple Vector Format, or SVF, is a vector graphics format which supports hyperlinks and layer information. It was jointly developed by SoftSource and NCSA to provide a useful 2-D vector format for use on the World Wide Web. The specification is freely available for anyone to use.



    Category: Performers

    A gathering of artists producing works in film, music, and live performance. Background information, movie clips in QuickTime format, and music in MP3 format.

    Format of tar Archives


    Category: tar

    Description of the tar format.

    ZIP File Format Specification


    Category: ZIP

    Application notes describing the zip file format, its methods, layout, and data.

    Information and Content Exchange (ICE) Format and Protocol


    Category: Publishing

    W3C-proposed format for document exchange and reuse management in traditional publishing contexts and business-to-business relationships.