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    Secure Remote Passwords


    Category: Authentication

    Software integrates into existing networked applications. Secure telnet and FTP available. Open source. User and technical documentation as well as source code.

    A Simple Scheme to Make Passwords Based on One-Way Functions Much Harder to Crack


    Category: Documentation

    Discusses the possibility that crackers might generate and distribute a massive list of encrypted passwords.

    ASET Secure Server


    Category: Computing Services

    Provides secure access to modify sensitive data, such as account passwords, email forwarding addresses, and phone directory entries. Provides access to various Web account options, such as directory quota and ACL reset.

    Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis Program


    Category: Graduate College

    The Ph.D. minor in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis offers course work which ranges from the fundamentals of the physics and optics of remote sensing to image processing, pattern recognition, and geographic information systems.

    Are Secure Internet Transactions Really Secure?


    Category: Web

    This paper describes how many small business claim to be offering a secure order form, when in fact, they really are not. The paper shows how the insecurity occurs, and offers a few solutions to the problem.

    Revealer Keylogger


    Category: Keyloggers

    Free monitoring tool that includes passwords hidden behind asterisks and conversations in common instant messengers.