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    Usenet creator Jim Ellis dies


    Category: History

    News item about the death, in 2001, of Jim Ellis, who helped create Usenet.

    Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development


    Category: Ellis

    Information on location, education, workforce, taxes, and life in Ellis County.

    Ellis County Report: Pollution Locator


    Category: Science and Environment

    Map of the polluting sources, air quality ranking, and other pertinent environmental data for Ellis County, TX.

    The Political Graveyard for Ellis County, TX


    Category: Society and Culture

    This web site is about Ellis County political history and cemeteries.

    Alan Ellis


    Category: California

    Criminal defense attorney, based in San Rafael, with offices in New York City and Shanghai, China.

    Radio Wallah


    Category: Transistor

    Photos and information on early transistor radios from Alan Kastner's collection. Most are shown with closeups or interior views. Tips for dating Japanese radios, and visits to some of Alan's favorite shops in Akihabara, Tokyo's "Electric Town".