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    Category: Translations and Commentary

    I Ching divination and instruction in a free online book by Alex Chiu. More than 350 real examples recorded.

    Alex Chiu


    Category: Net Legends

    Eternal life device, teleportation machine, neo-Darwinism, and space station information.

    Classical and Flamenco Guitar MIDIs


    Category: MIDI

    20 Studies by Fernando Sor (arranged by Ray Izumi), the famous 25 Studies by Carcassi (arranged by John Chiu), and others.

    Chiu Hok Yin Wing Chun Association


    Category: Organizations

    Gallery, style information and association details.

    On the Set: Alex Mack: The Secret World of the Alex Mack Prop Guy


    Category: Secret World of Alex Mack, The

    Propmaker Burk Sauls's experiences working on the show, including the making of the robot of the episode "Operation Breakout," which he wrote.

    Congressman Alex Mooney


    Category: Alex Mooney [R-2]

    Official website for U.S. Representative Alex Mooney, 2nd Congressional District of West Virginia, Republican Party.