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    Asian American Studies Institute


    Category: Asian American Studies Institute

    Interdisciplinary research, teaching and publication program devoted to study of the Asian American experience within the larger context of an evolving American society. Of special importance is the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II. Although the primary focus of the Institute is upon Asians in America, attention is also given to a study of Asia, since the unique cultural sources of Asian Americans are rooted in Asia.

    Crystalis Institute


    Category: Organizations

    Crystalis Institute is an educational and spiritual institution dedicated to serving the Light. The Institute was founded by Naisha Ahsian for the purpose of educating bodyworkers and lightworkers in the utilization of crystals and stones in healing. Crystalis Institute now offers training and information to lightworkers world wide

    The American Shetland Pony Club


    Category: Shetland Pony

    Four separate breeds under one club: The Classic American Shetland Pony, The Modern American Shetland Pony, The American Miniature Horse Registry and The American Show Pony Registry. Contains calendar of events, forms, contacts, and show results.

    American National Standards Institute


    Category: Standards

    American National Standards Institute (ANSI) offers up-to-date resources on national and international standards activities.

    American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP)


    Category: Parliamentary Procedure

    The mission of the American Institute of Parliamentarians is to foster, promote and teach the highest standards of parliamentary procedure, in keeping with the principles of parliamentary law and the adopted parliamentary authority.

    Institute of American Indian Arts


    Category: New Mexico

    Post secondary education of Native American Indians. Offers degrees in creative writing, studio arts, visual communications and museum studies. Includes museum of contemporary Native American fine art with online store.