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    The WVU Tree Bark Home Page


    Category: Trees

    Designed to provide a place to learn about the anatomy and physiology of tree bark, fungal canker diseases that affect tree bark, the wound responses of injured tree bark, and the role of wound responses in the resistance of living tree bark to wound pathogens.

    Bark Beetles & Dutch Elm Disease


    Category: Scolytidae

    Illustrated article about the European elm bark beetle, Scolytus multistriatus, and its spread of Dutch elm disease in the Seattle, Washington area, with notes on control.

    Bark Beetle Research


    Category: Coleopterology

    Project conducted at Utah State University that probes into ecological disturbances associated with bark beetles in coniferous forests.

    Expanko Cork Company Inc.


    Category: Cork

    Stock and custom manufactured cork floor and wall tile, composition cork, stoppers, closures, virgin cork bark, and granulated cork.

    Candy Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart


    Category: Candy

    Recipes for chocolate coconut candy, chocolate coconut cherry fudge, nut bark, truffles, and rum raisin fudge.

    Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin


    Category: Clubs

    Breed information, discussion page, events, breeder listings and online access to the "No Bark Times" a club publication.