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    Belief System Selector


    Category: Religion and Spirituality

    Online questionnaire that rates religions by their compatibility with your beliefs.

    Belief States and Narrow Content


    Category: Narrow Content

    Article by Curtis Brown which argues that four plausible theses about belief and its relationship to narrow content are jointly inconsistent, and infers desiderata for a theory of narrow content in the light of this.

    CARM: Atheism


    Category: Christian Views

    An examination of atheism, pros and cons. Observations regarding ethics, behavior of atheists, and errors in reasoning, both for and against belief in God. Arguments for belief. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry site.

    Hinduism and the Belief in Rebirth


    Category: Hinduism

    The concept of reincarnation as a central belief in Hinduism.

    Avoncroft Sire Selector


    Category: Dairy

    Complete AI services and corrective dairy breeding programmes.

    New Holland Concrete


    Category: Concrete Units

    Manufacturer of Concrete products. Product selector, specifications for all products, about the company and contact details.