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    Beliefnet: Sacred Texts


    Category: Religious Texts

    Links to a wide selection of full texts, including Baha'i sacred writings, the Dhammapada, Confucian Analects, Tao-Te Ching, several versions of the Bible, Hadith, Sunnah, and Wiccan and neo-pagan texts.

    LDS Sacred Music


    Category: Arts

    Discussion of LDS Sacred Music, including hymns and other sacred music, and focusing on ways to use music more effectively and ways to expand and increase the availability and quality of sacred music recordings and sheet music.

    Sacred Texts


    Category: Books and Journals

    Online copies of major texts relating to sacred sexuality, including Tantra. Deism


    Category: Chats and Forums

    General discussion board.



    Category: Magazines and E-zines

    Features articles on God, faith, prayer, the nature of spirituality, society and ethics, with numerous resources. All religions respected.

    Sacred-Texts: Classical Paganism


    Category: Ancient

    Translations of Greek and Roman texts.