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    Biota of North America Program


    Category: North America

    Program whose goal is to develop a unified digital system for assessing the North American biota. Descriptions of projects and the Synthesis of the North American Flora CD-ROM.


    Category: Artificial Life

    A group project exploring living 3D aesthetic worlds.



    Category: Caves

    Illinois Natural History Survey web site. Within caves a diverse biota may be found, exhibiting varying degrees of adaptation to the subterranean environment. Information and links about cave habitats and fauna, as well as cave protection and related topics.

    Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center


    Category: Research Centers

    Information for wildlife managers, scientists, and the public on natural resource issues and biota of the North American Great Plains.

    Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America


    Category: Databases

    Online biotic database containing images and data for taxa used in analyses of Tropical American biodiversity over the past 25 million years.

    Digital Burgess - Background in Paleontology and Digital Biota


    Category: Burgess Shale

    Images of some Burgess Shale fossils.