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    Canned Food Alliance


    Category: Cooking

    A consortium of steelmakers, canmakers, food processors and canned food brands promoting the nutritional and convenience benefits of canned food. Features a recipe database, bulletin board, online surveys, recipe contest and tips on health, lifestyles and timesaving.

    Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company, Inc.


    Category: Food

    Shop directly from the producer of canned dog and cat food made with no additives, preservatives or by-products.

    Pet Food Institute Pet Food Report: A Consumer's Guide to Pet Food


    Category: Commercial Pet Food

    Answers common questions about pet food so pet owners can make an informed decision on what to feed their pet. Contains interactive pet food labels so consumers may learn more about is in their pet's food.

    Adela Food Ltd


    Category: Import and Export

    Bulgarian producer of canned sterilized sweet corn, , peas and marinated and sterilized mushrooms.

    Food: Eggnog Pancakes with Cranberry Sauce


    Category: Pancakes

    Using a pancake mix made with eggnog instead of milk. Served with canned cranberry sauce.

    Food Industry Management Recruiting


    Category: Employment

    Specializes in the placement of Food Industry Professionals in the areas of Food Production, Supermarket and Distribution, Food Service, Restaurant, Culinary, Hotel Food and Beverage and Sales and Marketing.