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    BAT (Bayesian Automated Taxi) project


    Category: Projects and Systems

    Developing next generation real-time decision making tools for vision-guided automated intelligent cars.



    Category: Barcode

    Developer of hands-free automated bar code scanners and decoders for automated systems.

    Giant Java Tree: GJT


    Category: Code Directories

    Experiment in Java open source developer support: provides developers with a free, publicly accessible, browsable CVS repository, automated online JavaDoc support, an automated release and distribution system. 2000+ classes in 200+ packages, including: jEdit text editor; jCVS CVS Version Control client. [Open Source]



    Category: Training and Seminars

    A professional services organization that specializes in the testing of IT applications and architecture. It is partners with Rational Software and Mercury Interactive and teach a variety of courses on both vendors' automated testing tools and in automated software testing methodology.

    ICAS - The Integrated Campus Administration System


    Category: Finance

    Measure the viability and profitability of your courses. Manage the cash flow from your students' payment plans. Access a unique automated timetabling system. Convert your enquiries into registered students and sales. Decrease your bad debts through the automated debt collection process.

    OOo Dictionary Installer for Unix


    Category: Utilities

    Provides an automated dictionary installer for the word processor. It uses GTK+ for the user interface and libcurl for automated download of selected dictionaries.