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    Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)


    Category: Chemical Databases

    Provides pathways to published research in the world's journal and patent literature through tools such as SciFinder, SciFinder Scholar and STN. CAS databases provide access to over 25 million documents, 26 million chemical substances, and 56 million sequences.

    Career Choices for Chemical Engineers


    Category: Employment

    Description of chemical engineering, industries in which chemical engineers work, and the numerous career and vocational options.

    Association of Chemical Industry of Texas


    Category: Industrial

    Composed of businesses that share a symbiotic relationship with the Texas chemical industry. Combined, these companies act as a support system for the chemical industry, while the industry provides them with a strong marketplace.

    Cefic: European Chemical Industry Council


    Category: Organizations

    Cefic European Chemical Industry Council: information about chemical industry and chemistry applications, health, safety and environmental aspects, research, science, innovation, international trade, economics, educational programmes, EU Enlargemen

    American Institute of Chemical Engineers


    Category: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

    Serving Chemical Engineers Who Serve the World. The AIChE Web is geared towards advancing the practice and theory of Chemical Engineering.

    Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)


    Category: Inspection Regimes

    Provides information on the Chemical Weapons Convention and monitors compliance among the states parties that have ratified the treaty. More information on toxic chemicals and chemical protection is also available from the website.