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    Clean Edge - The Clean-Tech Market Authority


    Category: Fuel Cells

    Discover the latest market-intelligence news, including publications, reports and conferences on the subject of clean technologies, including fuel cells.

    Clean-Pro Industries, Inc.


    Category: Industry-Specific

    Software for janitorial service contractors, cleaning maintenance companies, and in-house cleaning departments.

    Parametric Technology Corporation


    Category: PTC Pro Engineer

    PTC develops and sells Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/Mechanica, Pro/Concept and related products.

    National Trail Drag Racing


    Category: Ohio

    This 1/4 mile, asphalt, drag strip features Super Pro, Pro, Street Car and Super Pro Bike classes. Track history, track records, race results, registration info, photo gallery, contacts and special events. Located in Newark, Ohio.

    ABB Carbon


    Category: Solid Fuel

    Develop, market and sell pressurised fluidised bed combined-cycle power plants for the clean production of heat and power from solid fuels. Includes an introduction to PFBC, a section on clean coal technology, company news, and employment opportunities.

    How to Clean and Maintain your Stainless Steel Grill


    Category: Barbecues and Grills

    Learn how to clean, restore and maintain your stainless steel grills with tips on solving difficult problems like scratches, heat scorches and acid stains.