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    The Commonwealth Writers Prize


    Category: Awards

    Annual award sponsored by the Commonwealth Foundation, to new writers from the British Commonwealth, for prose fiction (novel or short stories). Presents winners, events, judges, and entry details.

    Commonwealth Games Federation


    Category: Commonwealth Games

    Official site offers the history of the Games, the role of the CGF and the nations and territories of the Commonwealth.

    Gold Touch Inc 24 Karat Gold Plating Homepage


    Category: Gold

    Online catalog of gold brush and tank plating supplies. Patented machines like the AC750 and patented chemicals like OneStep gold allow you to plate directly over chrome with no stripping.

    GATA and LeMetropole Campaign


    Category: Monopolies and Oligopolies

    Extensive multi-year research has led the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) to the conclusion that the gold market is being overtly manipulated; and that the relationship of available physical gold to outstanding gold loans poses a serious risk to the U.S. and global financial systems.

    Commonwealth Games Gold Medallists


    Category: Commonwealth Games

    A complete list of medallists in athletics and other sports since 1930. Search-by-name facility.

    Gold Review


    Category: Mining Stocks and Shares

    A site devoted to gold and silver mining companies. Features include “Meet the CEO”, earnings, stock reports, and news sections divided into categories including gold and silver companies, news impacting mining, junior mining and exploration stocks.