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    Corliss Lamont Website


    Category: Humanism

    Information on one of the leading intellectual and activist humanists of the 20th century, Corliss Lamont. Includes a PDF version of the 8th edition of his book, Philosophy of Humanism.

    Corliss Street Baptist Church


    Category: Maine

    Bath. Contact information, worship times and schedule of events.

    Wells Lamont


    Category: Gloves

    Manufacturers of gloves for industrial, protective and leisure purposes.

    Gia and Lamont's Royal Angelic Wedding Page


    Category: Florida

    December 14, 2002 - Hollywood.

    Johnson, LaMont


    Category: Personal Pages

    was a Scientologist who contributed much to Scientology as a church member and later as a FreeZoner. As a FreeZoner he delivered Third Echelon Clearing enhancement techniques, for those who has already achieved traumatic incident reduction (TIR) or engram handling.

    Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek Official Website


    Category: Beat

    Beat poet McClure and former Door's band member Manzarek's website focuses on their collaboration of music and poetry projects and publications, performances, books, CDs, and videos.