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    Crystallography Journals Online


    Category: Journals

    Provides access to sample, current and back issues of several online crystallography journals.

    Georgia X-Ray Crystallography Center


    Category: Research Groups and Centers

    Bulletin boards; listing of courses and journals; significant collection of links to crystallography-related software, databases, links and materials.

    First Monday - What Next for Internet Journals?


    Category: News and Media

    One method of article discovery for free online journals has been through the use of Internet search engines. What happens to the accessibility of these journals with the advent of paid placement, inclusion, and submission?

    Online Journals - Tyndale STEP: Biblical Weblinks


    Category: Directories

    A directory of theological journals maintained by a team based at Tyndale House in Cambridge. Over 1,700 journals listed providing both information on publishers and links on-line content.

    Journals Division


    Category: University of Chicago Press

    The Journals Division of the University of Chicago Press distributes more than 50 journals and hardcover serials, presenting original research from international scholars in the social sciences, humanities, education, biological and medical sciences, and physical sciences.

    UCSF Macromolecular Structure Group


    Category: Research

    Focuses on the study of macromolecular structure, function, and interactions through the varied research tools of biochemistry and biophysics, including X-ray Crystallography, Electron and Light Microscopy, NMR, Mass Spectrometry, and Molecular Biology.Includes information on projects, laboratories, research, staff and contact details.