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    Doris Day Animal League


    Category: United States

    Information about current campaigns, legislative updates, publications, Animal Guardian magazine, membership and web resources.

    Doris Day Animal League


    Category: Animal Welfare

    Nonprofit, national lobbying organization formed to focus attention on issues involving the humane treatment of animals.

    Animal Rights Debate


    Category: Chats and Forums

    Discussing all sides of the animal rights, animal welfare, animal conservation and animal use issues. Yahoo! Group.

    Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare: Know the Difference!


    Category: Animal Rights or Liberation

    An educational resource to explain in simple terms, the difference between the Animal Rights and Animal Welfare agendas. Designed to aid the public in determining how they want their donation dollars to animal charities/causes to be spent.

    Doris Lane


    Category: Short Stories

    Stories of New York and New Jersey based on local history and folklore. Jersey Shore vacation articles. True Crime stories.

    Demystifying John Edward: Crossing Over


    Category: Crossing Over with John Edward

    Description of cold reading and annotated session with Doris Stokes.