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    Mail Art Show Reeperbahn


    Category: Education and History

    Online documentation of mail art project "Mail Art Show Reeperbahn" from the networkers Merlin and Hans Braumüller with the participation of 127 mail artists from 24 countries around the globe.

    PorkChup Solutions


    Category: Add-Ons

    AOL2Pop allows America Online members to access their e-mail with a standard MAPI e-mail client such as Outlook and Eudora e-mail or any other program that utilizes POP3/SMTP mail protocols.

    maildrop - mail delivery agent with filtering


    Category: Unix

    Maildrop reads a mail message from standard input, then delivers the message to your mailbox. maildrop will optionally read instructions from a file, which describes how to filter incoming mail. Instructions can be provided having mail delivered to alternate mailboxes, or forwarded using a structured filtering language.

    Ruud Janssen - A Mail Artist's Anthology


    Category: Artists

    Artwork, mail interviews and information about TAM and the International Union of Mail-Artists (IUOMA).

    Mail Forwarding Advisor


    Category: Mail

    Provides advice and guidance on choosing a mail forwarding service. Features comparisons of over 20 mail forward service providers within the United States.

    Forward America


    Category: Forwarding

    Automatically forwards e-mail from any America Online (AOL) account to a user-specified e-mail address. Avoids having to manage two e-mail accounts.