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    Category: Bible Study

    Online Bible study and Bible dictionary. The developer of the web-based HTML Bible, the Speaking Bible, and the Speed Bible offers his products.

    Bible Believers Archaeology - A Bible History Web Book


    Category: Apologetics

    A bible archaeology web book covering the historical Jesus and biblical archaeology. Chapters cover both bible history and bible archeology.

    Online Bible International


    Category: Freeware

    Free Bible software for Windows and Macintosh. Online Bible program with dozens of public-domain English and foreign language translations (including KJV, ASV, BBE); several Hebrew and Greek version modules; Bible reference works, commentaries, lexicons, histories and apocrypha.

    Free Scripts from Authentic Walk


    Category: Webmaster Resources

    Bible tools including Bible search, entire Bible add-ons, and PERL scripts to make Bible tools, plus a javascript script to add a weekly devotional to a site.

    Online Bible Study : A comprehensive online Bible Study


    Category: Bible Study Resources provides a complete online Bible Study including Bible maps.

    EZ Read Bible


    Category: Online

    [ English, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese ] Presents several versions with scrolling Bible text (requires Java) and adjustable fonts sizes.