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    Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Duke University


    Category: Academic Departments

    Durham, North Carolina. Offers BA and BS programs in Environmental Science and Policy, Environmental Sciences, and Earth and Ocean Sciences; master's programs in Environmental Management and Forestry; and PhD's in Coastal Systems Science and Policy, Earth and Ocean Sciences, and Environmental Sciences and Policy. News and events, career services, expert database, and student resources. -- Earth Sciences on the Web


    Category: Directories

    Links to popular topics in Geology and other earth sciences, plus earth sciences journals, and university departments.

    WebRing: Earth Forces


    Category: Web Rings

    Dedicated to earth changes such as earthquakes, earth science, earth changes, seismology, volcanoes, tsunami, hurricanes and weather patterns.

    Department of Physics and Earth Sciences


    Category: Physics and Earth Sciences

    Interdisciplinary department offering courses in Physics, Earth Sciences and Science Education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    American Academy of Arts and Sciences


    Category: Associations

    The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an honorary society that recognizes achievement in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities and conducts a varied program of projects and studies responsive to the needs and problems of society

    Center for Scientific Creation


    Category: Catastrophism

    Dr. Walt Brown presents evidence for creation from published statements by scientists in the life sciences, astronomical and physical sciences and earth sciences. The online version of Brown's thoroughly documented book begins with the "Contents" link about halfway down the navigation bar.