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    Eclectic Medical Publications


    Category: Publications

    A publisher of independent research into botanical medicine and the only source for original Eclectic Medical Texts. Research includes, King's American Dispensatory, Herb Contraindications And Drug Interactions.

    Yahoo! Groups: Eclectic Homeschoolers of Middle Tennessee


    Category: Chats and Forums

    An email list for announcements about learning events and activities for eclectic homeschoolers and unschoolers.

    Eclectic Church


    Category: Modern Movements

    Promoting a theology that advocates humanism as a universal concept of Divine inspiration. Combining many religious sources.

    Church of the Midnight Ride


    Category: Education

    An eclectic pagan gathering of open minded people, located in Atlanta, Ga. Offers individual and group teachings.

    Fitzhugh, Bill


    Category: Humor

    Born in Jackson, Mississippi, former disc jockey's books include "Pest Control" and "Radio Activity." Offers his capsule reviews of an eclectic range of books and movies.

    Victorian Page


    Category: Papers and Articles

    Intended for students of Victorian literature and culture, the site reflects the eclectic format of Victorian periodicals, with some emphasis on Victorian women journalists and their magazines.