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    Guide to the Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race


    Category: Iditarod

    Offers links to Quest race history, the official Yukon Quest web site, top Quest mushers, Quest and Iditarod dogs and mushers, and Quest and Iditarod in the classroom.

    New Energy New York


    Category: Science and Environment

    New Energy New York consortium of energy technology organizations, as a center for new energy technologies for energy development, pursue energy technology initiatives of clean-energy resources

    Adventure Classic Gaming Review: Evolution of King's Quest


    Category: King's Quest VI - Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Rated 4/5 by Eivind Røbekk Hagerup. "All in all, I think King's Quest VI is one of the best adventure games ever made, and probably the best in the King's Quest series."

    Energy Quest


    Category: Education

    California Energy Commission's energy and environmental education site for students, parents and teachers. Includes information, questions and answers, projects, and other resources.

    U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee


    Category: Energy and Natural Resources

    Has jurisdiction over energy policy, regulation, and research. Also deals with energy and mineral conservation, ports used for energy transport, irrigation, reclamation, mining, parks and similar resources, petroleum reserves in Alaska, public lands, and territorial possessions.

    Sound Quest


    Category: Editor Librarians

    Software available includes 'Midi Quest' which stores, organizes, and edits data from MIDI instruments and devices.