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    Erowid Buddhism Vault


    Category: Directories

    Information about religion and religious practices as a spiritual path.

    Han Yu's Memorial to Buddhism


    Category: Buddhism

    One of the leaders in the Confucian counterattack on Buddhism was the classical prose stylist and poet Han Yu (768-824 CE), who in 819 CE composed this vitriolic polemic attacking Buddhism. A champion of rationalism, Han Yu wished to suppress Daoism as well as Buddhism.

    Erowid DXM Vault


    Category: DXM

    Information including research, legislation, media coverage, bibliography and links.

    Erowid DMT Vault


    Category: DMT

    A vast resource of links and on site information about DMT, its extraction, its chemical structure and its use.

    Erowid Absinthe Vault


    Category: Absinthe

    Includes experiences, history, composition, and links.



    Category: Burial Vaults

    North American burial vault, infant casket/vault, and cremation urn manufacturer. Product information, family and company information, convention schedule, and dealer directory.