Identifying symptoms associated with mesothelioma.

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    Evidence That Invalidates The HIV-Hypothesis


    Category: HIV

    A list of evidence that refutes the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, much of it taken from documents puporting to claim the reverse.

    The case against 'the evidence': a different perspective on evidence-based medicine


    Category: Opposing Views

    A psychiatrist's critique that over-emphasis on evidence-based medicine oversimplifies the complex and interpersonal nature of clinical care.

    The Origin of Whales and the Power of Independent Evidence


    Category: Cetacea

    Article by Raymond Sutera examining the paleontological evidence that comes from studying the fossils of terrestrial mammals through more and more whale-like forms until the appearance of modern whales and the other evidence that supports this.

    Crime Scene Evidence


    Category: Browser Based

    Help investigators solve crimes in Oxford, Mississippi. Examine the evidence online. Participate in crime scene investigations by asking questions, offering observations and providing leads. Updated weekly since January 1995.

    Evidence-based Decision Making in Critical Care Medicine


    Category: Critical Care

    Tools for promoting the principles of evidence-based decision making in intensive care, with recommendations), links, and a selective journal club.

    Evidence Based Calculator


    Category: Education

    Free downloadable calculator computing sensitivity and selectivity, control event rates, numbers-needed-to-treat, and other evidence-based factors.