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    FCC Broadband Internet Access Page


    Category: News and Media

    List of resources from Federal Communications Commission regarding broadband Internet and access issues.

    Radio Licensing Services


    Category: Licensing

    Offers preparation of FCC Licensing applications for 2-way radio systems, tower registration, license renewals, and FCC CORES registration.

    AA9PW FCC Exam Practice and Morse Code Practice


    Category: Licensing

    Practice examinations for United States FCC Amateur and Commercial Radio Exam candidates. Also offers customizable Morse Code practice.

    Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


    Category: Federal Communications Commission

    Public notices, news releases, orders, notices of proposed rulemaking, fact sheets, databases, audio recordings and additional official agency information. FCC is an independent agency, directly responsible to Congress, that regulates most U.S. mass communications - radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.

    Aledo BroadBand


    Category: Texas

    Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) providing access for Aledo, Texas and the surrounding area.

    Broadband satellite internet access maps


    Category: Communications

    Details of worldwide satellite antenna beam coverage patterns, dish sizes and transmit powers required for two-way broadband access for business users.