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    FSI Systems Inc.


    Category: Embedded Systems

    Embedded control, DSP applications, and high speed protocol interfaces with feeding and finishing equipment for the digital 'Document on Demand' market.

    FSI Twi Course


    Category: Akan

    Twi is another name of Akan, a major African language (part of the Kwa family) spoken in Ghana by more than 10 million people. The Foreign Service Institute presents 20 lessons with audio files.



    Category: Healthcare

    Standards for electronic interchange of clinical, financial, and administrative information among health care oriented computer systems; e.g. hospital information systems, clinical laboratory systems, enterprise systems, and pharmacy systems.

    Bosch Security Systems


    Category: Fire and Security

    Manufacturer of CCTV, intrusion and fire alarm systems, access control, security management systems, and communications systems. Provides global support for consultants, system integrators, installers, wholesalers, and OEMs.

    Accent Refrigeration Systems Ltd.


    Category: Ice Rinks

    Design and manufacturer custom refrigeration systems for recreational ice rinks and large industrial refrigeration systems. Includes list of systems and services offered and FAQs.

    International Federation for Systems Research


    Category: Systems Science

    A non-profit, scientific and educational agency, constituted of member organizations from various countries. The overall purpose of the Federation is to advance cybernetic and systems research and systems applications and to serve the international systems community.