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    PBR Mobile Base 1


    Category: Veterans

    This is the unofficial PBR Mobile Base 1 web site and is dedicated to everyone that served on PBR Mobile Base 1 and River Division/Section 521 at Tan My, Vietnam. Looking for plank owners and ex-crew members of PBR Mobile Base 1 and River Division (Section) 521.

    Mobile and Marine Systems


    Category: Dealers

    Supplier of private mobile radio solutions, communications equipment and systems to mobile organisations. Based in Barbados, West Indies.



    Category: Companies and Organizations

    Provider of mobile application servers. Developers of the M-1 Mobile Application Server, an application development and deployment platform, providing a mobile enterprise infrastructure built on Java standards.

    Vincent 3-D Rendering Library for Mobile Devices


    Category: Embedded Devices

    Vincent is an open source project for developing a compliant software implementation of OpenGL ES for mobile devices. The initial target platform is Windows Mobile devices (PocketPC, Pocket PC, Smartphone) using Intel StrongARM and XScale processors.

    Commander Explosive Ordance Disposal Group One


    Category: Units

    COMEODGRU ONE is the operational and administrative commander for four subordinate Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Units, one Training and Evaluation Unit, and the administrative commander for EOD Mobile Unit FIVE, Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit ONE, and the Very Shallow Water Mine Countermeasures Detachment (VSW MCM).

    Radiation Scare from Mobile Phones


    Category: Health Concerns

    Article on the summary of latest research on mobile phone radiation health dangers, including reports of brain damage. Videos, articles and tables of SAR radiation dosage for mobile phone handsets.