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    Georgia Ports Authority


    Category: Georgia

    Information about the ports of Savannah and Brunswick.

    Beyond Logic


    Category: Buses

    Includes detailed information on USP, serial ports (RS-232), parallel ports (SPP/ECP/EPP/IEEE1284) and device drivers.


    Category: Transport Layer

    TCP/UPD ports library, search port by number or description. Network tools.

    I/O ActiveX


    Category: Serial

    OCX control that provides access to devices on a PCs serial ports and parallel ports. By JSPayne.

    Official FreeBSD Ports Index


    Category: Development

    A direct link to the official Freebsd ports environment.

    Florida Ports Council


    Category: Boating

    Florida nonprofit corporation that serves as the professional association for Florida’s fifteen public seaports and their management. Provides advocacy, leadership and information on seaport-related issues before the legislative and executive branches of state and federal government.