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    Food Drying


    Category: Drying and Dehydrating

    Covers the basics of solar food drying; from Backwoods Home Magazine, by Marcella Shaffer.

    Dried Flower Talk


    Category: Chats and Forums

    A community forum of flower enthusiasts, novice to expert, sharing experiences, knowledge and drying expertise. Topics include harvesting, drying, and using dried materials.

    Drying Flowers and Foliage for Arrangements


    Category: Dried and Preserved

    Detailed instructions and hints for drying flowers from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

    Catalytic Drying Technologies LLC


    Category: Ovens and Dryers

    Manufactures flameless infrared drying ovens to reduce moisture in broad variety of agricultural and industrial products. Applications include wood, rice, grains, herbs, sludge, and various chemicals.

    Pet Food Institute Pet Food Report: A Consumer's Guide to Pet Food


    Category: Commercial Pet Food

    Answers common questions about pet food so pet owners can make an informed decision on what to feed their pet. Contains interactive pet food labels so consumers may learn more about is in their pet's food.

    Thanavala Enterprise


    Category: Hardcoat

    Factory in India specializing in application of Teflon coatings. End products include textile drying cylinders; paper processing and xerox rollers; packaging machinery parts; food processing utensils; and nuts and bolts.