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    Brown Bear Viewing in Alaska


    Category: Bears

    Offers bear facts, destinations for viewing bears in the wild, maps, photographs and specifics about a bear photo safari in Homer, Alaska.

    Bear Bells with a Bark and a Bite


    Category: Karelian Bear Dog

    Alaska Science Forum looks at Karelian bear dogs and bear control.

    Bear Lake Valley Travel Information


    Category: Travel and Tourism

    Online travel guide to the Bear Lake Valley located on the Utah/Idaho border. Includes information on lodging, attractions, events and news for the Bear Lake area.

    Echo Station


    Category: Reviews and Previews

    Review by Daniel Castellanos, A. "The graphics are great, the sound is great, the missions are great, multiplay is great; the only real drawback is the lack of story in solo play."

    Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Dept. of Recreation


    Category: Recreation and Leisure Studies

    Provides interdisciplinary approach to the study of leisure and the preparation of specialists to work in the recreation field. Bachelors and Masters degrees offered in Recreation Administration and Therapeutic Recreation.

    Great Bear Recreation Park


    Category: South Dakota

    Offers skiing on 12 downhill trails, snowboarding and tubing fun. Site contains ski school information as well as a trail map and calendar of events.