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    Heavens Gait Farm


    Category: North Carolina

    Tennessee Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses with natural head-shaking 4-beat gait. Standing at stud Paint's Impala. Located in Bullock.

    Painted Gait Farm


    Category: Georgia

    Standing The Town Painter, a true black and white Tobiano. Pedigree and pictures of offspring. Located in Byron.

    Triple M Farm


    Category: Indiana

    Breeding foundation bloodlines to color for gait, size, and confirmation. Tennessee Walking horses and Spotted Saddle horses. Located in Hardinsburg.

    Rainbow Farm


    Category: Mississippi

    Breeding the Spotted Tennessee Walkers for their gentle disposition, confirmation, color, and natural gait. Located in Wiggin.

    GamersHell: Gate To Heavens Unveiled


    Category: Gate to Heavens

    Game information, backstory and screenshots.

    Heavens Heathens Aviary and Supplies


    Category: Oregon

    Breeder and exhibitor of Amazons and Pacific parrotlets. Also offers a list of the most needed supplies for breeders and exhibitors.