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    Homebuilding Pitfalls


    Category: Homeowners

    Aims to help consumers save time, money and stress by providing advice on how to properly building their own home

    Writer Beware


    Category: Writers Resources

    Warnings and cautions for writers about literary frauds, scams, deceptions, and pitfalls.

    Pitfalls of Newsgroup Moderation


    Category: Moderation

    Describes some of the difficulties one can run into in maintaining a moderated newsgroup. Recommended reading before creating a moderated newsgroup, or converting the status of an existing newsgroup to moderated. Maintained by Russ Albery.

    Alternative Medicine: Commercial Pet Food


    Category: Commercial Pet Food

    Article discussing the pitfalls of commercial pet foods, and their negative effects on health.

    Skeptic's Dictionary: Landmark Forum


    Category: Opposing Views

    Article including history, benefits and pitfalls.

    Live Foods Mailing List


    Category: Foods and Feeding

    Topics discussed include identification and culturing, nutritional value and potential pitfalls.